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Hotel Taj : icon of whose India ? Gnani Sankaran- Tamil writer, Chennai

Hotel Taj : icon of whose India ?

Gnani Sankaran- Tamil writer, Chennai.

Watching at least four English news channels surfing from one another
during the last 60 hours of terror strike made me feel a terror of
another kind. The terror of assaulting one’s mind and sensitivity with
cameras, sound bites and non-stop blabbers. All these channels have
been trying to manufacture my consent for a big lie called – Hotel Taj
the icon of India.

Whose India, Whose Icon ?

It is a matter of great shame that these channels simply did not
bother about the other icon that faced the first attack from
terrorists – the Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminus (CST) railway station.
CST is the true icon of Mumbai. It is through this railway station
hundreds of Indians from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, West Bengal
and Tamilnadu have poured into Mumbai over the years, transforming
themselves into Mumbaikars and built the Mumbai of today along with
the Marathis and Kolis

But the channels would not recognise this. Nor would they recognise
the thirty odd dead bodies strewn all over the platform of CST. No
Barkha dutt went there to tell us who they were. But she was at Taj to
show us the damaged furniture and reception lobby braving the guards.
And the TV cameras did not go to the government run JJ hospital to
find out who those 26 unidentified bodies were. Instead they were
again invading the battered Taj to try in vain for a scoop shot of the
dead bodies of the page 3 celebrities.

In all probability, the unidentified bodies could be those of workers
from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh migrating to Mumbai, arriving by train at
CST without cell phones and pan cards to identify them. Even after 60
hours after the CST massacre, no channel has bothered to cover in
detail what transpired there.

The channels conveniently failed to acknowledge that the Aam Aadmis of
India surviving in Mumbai were not affected by Taj, Oberoi and Trident
closing down for a couple of weeks or months. What mattered to them
was the stoppage of BEST buses and suburban trains even for one hour.
But the channels were not covering that aspect of the terror attack.
Such information at best merited a scroll line, while the cameras have
to be dedicated for real time thriller unfolding at Taj or Nariman

The so called justification for the hype the channels built around
heritage site Taj falling down (CST is also a heritage site), is that
Hotel Taj is where the rich and the powerful of India and the globe
congregate. It is a symbol or icon of power of money and politics, not
India. It is the icon of the financiers and swindlers of India. The
Mumbai and India were built by the Aam Aadmis who passed through CST
and Taj was the oasis of peace and privacy for those who wielded power
over these mass of labouring classes. Leopold club and Taj were the
haunts of rich spoilt kids who would drive their vehicles over
sleeping Aam Aadmis on the pavement, the Mafiosi of Mumbai forever
financing the glitterati of Bollywood (and also the terrorists) ,
Political brokers and industrialists.

It is precisely because Taj is the icon of power and not people, that
the terrorists chose to strike.

The terrorists have understood after several efforts that the Aam
Aadmi will never break down even if you bomb her markets and trains.
He/she was resilient because that is the only way he/she can even

Resilience was another word that annoyed the pundits of news channels
and their patrons this time. What resilience, enough is enough, said
Pranoy Roy’s channel on the left side of the channel spectrum. Same
sentiments were echoed by Arnab Goswami representing the right wing of
the broadcast media whose time is now. Can Rajdeep be far behind in
this game of one upmanship over TRPs ? They all attacked resilience
this time. They wanted firm action from the government in tackling

The same channels celebrated resilience when bombs went off in trains
and markets killing and maiming the Aam Aadmis. The resilience of the
ordinary worker suited the rich business class of Mumbai since work or
manufacture or film shooting did not stop. When it came to them, the
rich shamelessly exhibited their lack of nerves and refused to be
resilient themselves. They cry for government intervention now to
protect their private spas and swimming pools and bars and
restaurants, similar to the way in which Citibank, General Motors and
the ilk cry for government money when their coffers are emptied by
their own ideologies.

The terrorists have learnt that the ordinary Indian is unperturbed by
terror. For one whose daily existence itself is a terror of government
sponsored inflation and market sponsored exclusion, pain is something
he has learnt to live with. The rich of Mumbai and India Inc are
facing the pain for the first time and learning about it just as the
middle classes of India learnt about violation of human rights only
during emergency, a cool 28 years after independence.

And human rights were another favourite issue for the channels to whip
at times of terrorism.

Arnab Goswami in an animated voice wondered where were those
champions of human rights now, not to be seen applauding the brave and
selfless police officers who gave up their life in fighting terorism.
Well, the counter question would be where were you when such officers
were violating the human rights of Aam Aadmis. Has there ever been any
24 hour non stop coverage of violence against dalits and adivasis of
this country?

This definitely was not the time to manufacture consent for the extra
legal and third degree methods of interrogation of police and army but
Arnabs don’t miss a single opportunity to serve their class masters,
this time the jingoistic patriotism came in handy to whitewash the
entire uniformed services.

The sacrifice of the commandos or the police officers who went down
dying at the hands of ruthless terrorists is no doubt heart rending
but in vain in a situation which needed not just bran but also brain.
Israel has a point when it says the operations were misplanned
resulting in the death of its nationals here.

Khakares and Salaskars would not be dead if they did not commit the
mistake of traveling by the same vehicle. It is a basic lesson in
management that the top brass should never t ravel together in crisis.
The terrorists, if only they had watched the channels, would have
laughed their hearts out when the Chief of the Marine commandos, an
elite force, masking his face so unprofessionally in a see-through
cloth, told the media that the commandos had no idea about the
structure of the Hotel Taj which they were trying to liberate. But the
terrorists knew the place thoroughly, he acknowledged.

Is it so difficult to obtain a ground plan of Hotel Taj and discuss
operation strategy thoroughly for at least one hour before entering?
This is something even an event manager would first ask for, if he had
to fix 25 audio systems and 50 CCtvs for a cultural event in a hotel.
Would not Ratan Tata have provided a plan of his ancestral hotel to
the commandos within one hour considering the mighty apparatus at his
and government’s disposal? Are satelite pictures only available for
terrorists and not the government agencies ? In an operation known to
consume time, one more hour for preparation would have only improved
the efficiency of execution.

Sacrifices become doubly tragic in unprofessional circumstances. But
the Aam Aadmis always believe that terror-shooters do better planning
than terrorists. And the gullible media in a jingoistic mood would not
raise any question about any of these issues.

They after all have their favourite whipping boy – the politician the
eternal entertainer for the non-voting rich classes of India.

Arnabs and Rajdeeps would wax eloquent on Nanmohan Singh and Advani
visiting Mumbai separately and not together showing solidarity even at
this hour of national crisis. What a farce? Why can’t these channels
pool together all their camera crew and reporters at this time of
national calamity and share the sound and visual bites which could
mean a wider and deeper coverage of events with such a huge human
resource to command? Why should Arnab and Rajdeep and Barkha keep
harping every five minutes that this piece of information was
exclusive to their channel, at the time of such a national crisis? Is
this the time to promote the channel? If that is valid, the politician
promoting his own political constituency is equally valid. And the
duty of the politican is to do politics, his politics. It is for the
people to evaluate that politics.

And terrorism is not above politics. It is politics by other means.

To come to grips with it and to eventually eliminate it, the practice
of politics by proper means needs constant fine tuning and
improvement. Decrying all politics and politicians, only helps
terrorists and dictators who are the two sides of the same coin. And
the rich and powerful always prefer terrorists and dictators to do
business with.

Those caught in this crossfire are always the Aam Aadmis whose deaths
are not even mourned – the taxi driver who lost the entire family at
CST firing, the numerous waiters and stewards who lost their lives
working in Taj for a monthly salary that would be one time bill for
their masters.

Postscript: In a fit of anger and depression, I sent a message to all
the channels, 30 hours through the coverage. After all they have been
constantly asking the viewers to message them for anything and
everything. My message read: I send this with lots of pain. All
channels, including yours, must apologise for not covering the victims
of CST massacre, the real mumbaikars and aam aadmis of India. Your
obsession with five star elite is disgusting. Learn from the print
media please. No channel bothered. Only srinivasan Jain replied: you
are right. We are trying to redress balance today. Well, nothing
happened till the time of writing this 66 hours after the terror


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I just loved reading this one!

At the risk of heresy, let me express my profound unease at the crescendo of euphoria surrounding the 'Anna Hazare + Jan Lokpal Bill' phenomenon as it has unfolded on Jantar Mantar in New Delhi and across several hysterical TV stations over the last few days. This time around, I have to say that the print media has acted (upto now) with a degree of restraint that I think is commendable. Partly, this has to do with the different natures of the two … Read More

via Kafila

Why Anna Hazare should not win this battle

CP Surendran 

18 August 2011

A most comical anti-corruption opera is being staged all over the country under the leadership of Anna Hazare, who in his moral tyranny is actually beginning to look like Mahatma Gandhi. This itself is a bit of laugh: when a man wants to be someone else eventually transmigration of the soul and nose happens. It only remains for Anna to hold the Dandi March.

But the real reason why this anti-corruption campaign is looking like an over-stretched Johnny Lever joke is that the people largely constituting the movement have happily externalized corruption as if it’s an event happening outside themselves.

The fact is that the petite bourgeoisie- auto rickshaw drivers, and constables, if Haryana Police Sangathan support for Jan Lok Pal’s bill is any indication, and low paid government officials and assorted elements-have no idea that they are very much part of the corruption. They believe it is a disease outside them, primarily endemic to the government and its institutions, when they are active players in the drama.

The others who are a part of the movement, including the youngsters, who this lookist country swears by, are there for an opportunity to hold candles and chant Sarojini Naidu kind of poems which normally begin: O, deliverer. The youth will hold a candle and even burn a finger from the dripping wax, but when it comes to admission, if an IIT director or an engineering college dean will accept cash for seats, they will gladly part with it.

For one with passing interest in the Lokpal politics, the only major difference in the bills drafted by the government and Anna apart from bringing the PM into the bill’s ambit, seems to be that the government wants to set up a separate investigative agency while Anna and his team want an existing investigating agency like the CBI to report to the Lokpal committee. That would eventually mean the Lokpal evolving into a parallel power vortex, and might make Parliament redundant.

In other words, those whom you elected will not be of as much consequence as those self-appointed or government nominated Lokpal committee members. That is a fraught process, and actually might create more unaccountability and corruption.

That is one part of the joke. The other, equally entertaining part has been the Congress-led UPA government’s complete and visible bankruptcy of ideas to tackle an agitation outside party structures. Much the same happened before the Emergency when Jayaparakash Naryan led a movement that cut across party lines against the Indira Gandhi led Congress government, which panicked and declared an Emergency.

Anna’s movement is mostly apolitical. And the support it has drawn, for all its faults, is an indication how political parties and other democratic institutions have failed to represent people, or inspire faith. Across the world, memberships of political parties are decreasing. Alternate people’s groupings with environmental and ethical themes are gaining strength. In Europe and America where democracies are institutionally stronger and fairer than in India, this could be explained as an evolution.

But, in India where fairness woven into the system is at best fraying, when a movement is directed primarily against its institutions and the political party in power as well as the ones in Opposition are fumbling in their response, a movement like this can have dire consequences. Clearly, the parties have failed to represent the people, which is why a moral tyrant like Anna is holding the government to ransom. When institutions fail, individuals take up their role. .And if Anna wins, the nature of Indian politics will change.

It’d be fun to see who were the advisors who landed a wimp like Prime Minister Manmohan Singh into the Lok Pal soup. A party that can’t argue its case against a retired army truck driver whose only strength really is a kind of stolid integrity and a talent for skipping meals doesn’t deserve to be in power. Power goes to people who love it. Anna Hazare loves nothing more than power

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      • You and R like this.
        • This isn’t about Ana Hazare. The last time you made a God of a Man you got Pakistan, Socialism and the Gandhis. This is about 1.2 billion Indians standing up and saying “Fuck You. We Decide”.

          about an hour ago ·

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    •  thats anarchy

      about an hour ago · Like ·  1 person
    •  i agree corruption is all over d place n a thorough cleansing shud be done.but den u gotta start at some point na…..haath pe haath rakhne se kuch nahi hota…….someone has to start n if Annaji is doing it ….den well v shud support him whole heartedly…..:0

      about an hour ago · Like ·  3 people
    •  i do support the movement but when i look into those lives who leading such things….then they are not worth it….

      about an hour ago · Like ·  1 person
    •  cant help….i liked it & shared it as well

      about an hour ago · Like ·  1 person
    •  yup….someone has to start it…on the contrary its gonna affect to all…am not saying we should stop it but it has to be started by inner heart of 1.2 billion Indians first….then we should move

      about an hour ago · Like ·  1 person
    • ‎-
      This fella…surendra is trying to become an ‘intellectual’ by criticisizing anna ji!!I can challenge him to show a single political fellow who has the guts to convince people from all walks of life to shout – ‘ i am anna’ & mind you they are not being paid to do it!!Let us wish that annaji succeeds in getting a ‘logical’ lokpal bill to be passed & implemented!!This time… We indians are damn serious & there is no looking back…..!!

      about an hour ago · Like ·  3 people
    •  we need combination of intellectuals n idealist very difficult but i hope not impossible

      about an hour ago · Like ·  2 people
    •  And the people in power are so great and very conscientious , a PM which is forever in mute mode, Prince Charming who is lost God knows where and rest Madam Sonia and her sycophants..!

      about an hour ago · Like ·  3 people
    •  boond boond se gagag bharta hai……….slowly n steadily ppl r getting conviced dat dis system shud end……so why wait for others to react…..u come forward n join in dis campaign against corruption……..:)

      about an hour ago · Like ·  2 people
    •  gagar…oops sp. mistake….:)

      about an hour ago · Like ·  1 person
    •  always against corruption unfair things but more than anything else i find the poverty of india the most glaring problem people who live on footpath worse than animals wish we could bring some dignity in their lives

      about an hour ago · Like ·  2 people
    •  well i too wish that lokpal bill to be passed should get implemented sir….. but wondering implementing on whom? on corrupted politicians? or on corrupted peoples? or on corrupted nation?

      about an hour ago · Like ·  1 person
    • SUPERB! Renny.. I loved reading this. I am glad, there are people outside the mob, who use their brains to think. I wud personally be disgusted if I were blackmailed to do something, even if I agreed with the basic concept. Anna says its his way or the highway.. I prefer the highway. What is the point of an elected govt, if they in turn are going to elect their rulers. hahahha.. Govt is corrupt, Anna’s Lokpal will be the most corrupt. and then, people will take candles to vote the Lokpal out and make a Janpal…or something worse. The Sadhus and Sadhvis and wanna be babas want to rule over us. And we mad/naive Indians are rejoicing and calling on to our own doom. How Sick!
      about an hour ago · Like ·  2 people
    •  thanks Sudha…loved your comments…you are first one of my friend who have supported me in this….and yes how disgusting that The Sadhus and Sadhvis and wanna be babas want to rule over us and peoples are trying accusing & abusing leaders

      about an hour ago · Like ·  1 person
    •  ‎ dinner burnt to cinders forgot about it in al this !!!!!!!!!!!!!
      about an hour ago · Like ·  1 person
    •  LOL.. They are all walking with Gandhi topis and abusing Gandhis..hahahahahaha

      about an hour ago · Like ·  1 person
    • I am not anti the cause, but, am surprised at how naive we Indians are.. Any party in power, will be corrupt.That’s the thumb rule. Power n Money corrupt. Right now, at least we have an opposition to keep tabs on the ruling party..But, Anna Hazare will make one party comprising of all Shuru ke ek saal mein shayad they succeed..par baad mein, all three will become one and rob our country left right n center. Who’ll keep check on them?? Sab to involved honge corruption mein..phir le le ke ghoomna mashaalein aur gandhi topis.
      about an hour ago · Like ·  2 people
    •  power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely

      about an hour ago · Unlike ·  2 people
    •  interesting

      50 minutes ago · Unlike ·  1 person
    •  people r moving around in huge cars supporting the cause ironic

      34 minutes ago · Like ·  1 person
    •  It’s going to be interesting ! … per this note may be anna hazare wrong… but at least he is come for indians ….

      21 minutes ago · Unlike ·  1 person
    •  we already have the intellectuals n idealist peoples in our system but unfortunately we do not support them either….and this changes mostly gonna affect to mostly lower levels…coz they always suffers….and sorry to hear about your dinner….ha ha 🙂

      18 minutes ago · Like
    •  The politics of black mail is on…anna is doing politics..we all know…why Ramdev…well one of the most corrupt babas was dancing on his vehicle out side tihar, the so called Sri sri…what the hell he was doing there….bring more swamiies, more bababs..and you are doomed…..ann has lost the basics….

      15 minutes ago · Unlike ·  1 person
    •  I am delighted by your clear manner of speech 🙂 ALWAYS!

      12 minutes ago · Like ·  1 person
    •  ‎:-)

      11 minutes ago · Unlike ·  1 person
    • Can I just re-share this note, Renny? I wud love to see how many agree.

      7 minutes ago · Like
      • about an hour ago · Like ·  2 people
      • anna if had gone ahead with his own ideology of anti-corruption of movement in my Mother Land all alone, i wud be the first person to support him without giving a second thought.. but after kejriwal’s and manish’s adjoining their desire of introducing JLP Bill which includes the clause of bringing PM n Juries under the scanner.. and just to promote such imposings, utilizing Anna’s pure thoughts n misleading public, portraying the movement only restricted for corruption in India, i can not support this movement. becoz.. i believe, Corruption is an individual choice, and No Law has yet been able to stop that…and nobody is able to respond me till now, how is introduction of JLP gonna stop the corruption at all the levels that i encounter everyday in my daily routine… shud nt forget that this JLP includes the clause of PM n Juries to come under scanner.. how come this clause is gonna help us in bringing down the corruption at micro level ? and moreover…………, who will be the watch-dog for those who r on the committee of such JLP bill, if introduced, and who r gonna watch PM n Juries ?? where from this movement is been funded ? why suddenly this second anshan started when this monsoon sadan was sure for discussing over both the bills LP and JLP and carried further by majority.. so what was such a hurry that before time, this heroism happened ? lot many questions r there which doesnt give satisfactory answers to me as an Indian… hence, i reserve myself in supporting Anna where JLP Bill inclusive of bringing PM n Juries r involved….
        about an hour ago · Like ·  3 people
      •  what a great write, thought provoking to think of the common man, of whom it really is about, rather than the one in common all are trying to relate to. Thanks for sharing such a great note, love reads like this, for at the end of the day, tells you how your day really went.

        about an hour ago · Like ·  2 people
      •  go ahead….Sudha 

        53 minutes ago · Unlike ·  1 person
      •  thanks …..used to read your ind & pak status mostly…though thought that you might be aware what is going in india and about the current movements…

        48 minutes ago · Like ·  1 person
      • thanks a lot  and truly appreciates the questions which you have raised at…. i do not understand that how does we peoples used to get convince to these rest politicians who are now leading such movements and pretending to be…See more
        39 minutes ago · Like ·  1 person
      • truly said dost  thanks for the feedback….and yes anna have truly lost the true and real mean of this movement…..and now days am getting msgs and can see in most of the walls that peoples are saying that if we could support anna and his so called CHELE’S then he is about to bring the indian black money of 1,456 lakh crore from world bank….god knows….what these peoples are thinking off…..????

        35 minutes ago · Like ·  2 people
      • looks like they deposited the currency by themselves….all in air….

        33 minutes ago · Like ·  2 people
      •  tag me if you could Sudha….. i would also love to know what kind of feedback’s are you getting…LOL

        32 minutes ago · Like
      •  hahaha.. okies. as of now, all is quiet :p

        32 minutes ago · Like ·  1 person
      • ha ha ha….truly says we peoples are now days used to closed our eyes and ears and get to believe this corrupted un-employed neta’s and so called useless dhongi-babas Rahul Kumar

        30 minutes ago · Unlike ·  3 people
      • not used..rather abused…

        29 minutes ago · Like ·  1 person
      • you could have create your own note by copying these…..and try to tag your friends….will get good responses….Sudha

        28 minutes ago · Unlike ·  1 person
      • yeahhh and how could they forgot that once they got corrupted red-handed thats why they are now a days sitting without having any job and that is too having free salary and with lot of free facilities……

        26 minutes ago · Like ·  1 person
      •  well said …

        24 minutes ago · Like ·  1 person
      •  Dude am not saying he is wrong, but actually he have forgot the true & real mean of this movement….getting supported by dhongi babas and corrupted netas….he is also following the same way….then i must say our current government is 100% times better than this so called useless heroes…

        22 minutes ago · Unlike ·  2 people
      •  only interesting…? 🙂

        21 minutes ago · Like
      •  well aunt if your leader or king is corrupted then i doubt god cant even save the country……i support 100% to anna and his first step towards these changes….but unfortunately his purpose have changed totally….

        16 minutes ago · Like
      •  ha ha ha \….:) i think they are quite coz they dont have anything to say….likewise if they says that they are agree or disagree with anna…on both way its gonna harm them….and of course media wont loose any such chances for publicity and they will remold everything and will lead to internal fight with each other

        10 minutes ago · Like

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{March 15, 2011}   CONTEST


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{January 7, 2009}   Careful!!
Pak song sites may be used to hack Indian web

Posted: Jan 06, 2009 at 0944 hrs IST

New Delhi After the Mumbai terror strikes, anti-India elements in Pakistan are now planning an attack on Indian computer networks, intelligence agencies have warned.

Already Pakistani hackers are trying out a dry run against Indian networks through popular websites registered there after the Mumbai terror strikes, Home Ministry sources said in New Delhi on Tuesday.

“Every time the relations between the two countries dampen, Pakistanis start attacking Indian computer networks and this has increased after the Mumbai terror attacks,” a Home Ministry source said.

Pakistani hackers have created websites such as the, which are infected with software to hack data from the targeted computers, it said.

“The website has over 12 lakh Indian users who are downloading stuff from these websites daily,” said a cyber expert in the Ministry.

With these websites being highly popular, it will take only a few minutes for the hackers to take command of over 12 lakh computers in few minutes and the number of such computers can multiply in every minute, sources said.

“Instead of the existing less harmful virus, new ones such as Botnet and Zoombie can be easily released into the Indian computers, which later on replicate and make the entire server vulnerable,” the expert said.

“Nowadays new virus and worms are detected while downloading songs from these websites, which could be just a dry run to manage a bigger attack,” he said.

Government websites have been highly vulnerable to hacking and they have been intruded many times by the Pakistani hackers.

“Most of the time, these cases are not reported as the server is based in Pakistan and we cannot do anything in this regard,” the expert said.

The anti-virus software, too, cannot work in such situation as the virus used in such cyber wars are usually new and the anti-virus software cannot identity and detect it, he said.

“If anti-virus software cannot identify the signature of the virus coming through Internet, it will not detect it and as a result the virus will be downloaded in the computer in spite of such software available in the network,” the expert added.

Take Care n Surf Safely

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